The magic of discovering what you really want

From creating team-building activities to designing training programs that will transform you and your workplace, I have the experience, strategy, and tools to design a powerful solution for you.

With almost a decade of experience in leadership development and business strategy,  plus backgrounds in education, marketing, and parenting, I have a range of skills and methods to draw from as I co-create with you and your team a solution that will take your business to the next level.


Here’s what I do:​ 

  • Lean into curiosity and compassion when getting to know the key individuals of the executive team and through those relationships, explore and learn more about what is present and what more is needed to drive lasting change

  • Begin with by building a clear understanding of the organization's Identity and Purpose as seen through the executives

  • Introduce a process for developing a compelling Vision and articulated Values that align with desired behaviors of stakeholders within the organization

  • Design and deliver custom training programs, workshops and retreats to develop individuals and groups to be their best selves by building skills and offering tools to deepen self-awareness, build trust, and cultivate courage to live in one's fullest power--personally and professionally.

  • Deliver results-oriented experiences that are transformational for all

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."