Meet Katie Post

Katie Post, Certified Leadership Coach and Consultant

Katie Post lights up on the subject of leadership. She has developed a company that honors her belief that we are all leaders of our own lives, learning how to grow ourselves and support the growth of others. As one in love with change as the hallmark of personal growth, Katie taps into her passion for learning and teaching in facilitating team work. Her favorite leadership tool: Curiosity!

She believe that the lives we lead are a personal expression of who we are. The more alignment we can create between ourselves, our businesses and our communities, the more we can achieve. She love helping people thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply to themselves, their purpose, and to the people who matter most.


Her style is rooted in authenticity, compassion and a fierce commitment to transformation. She combines a grounded presence with a spirited tendency to “speak the unspeakable” in an effort to learn and grow. She has both a passion for harnessing people’s talents and hands-on experience leading corporate teams. This equips her to serve individuals and business teams alike. After a deeply rich experience as a High School English Teacher at the start of her career, followed by eight years as a business executive, she dared to leave it all behind to live a life that honors her values and aligns with what she believes is possible—ANYTHING!

Katie is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the renown The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the oldest and largest coaching school in the world, and is a member of the International's Federation of Coaching (IFC) with an ACC accreditation. She has completed CTI's 10-month intensive Leadership Experiential Training Program and is proud to be of the Honeysuckle tribe. She is certified in Barrett's Values Centre's Cultural Transformation Tool, which she uses with organizations wishing to map values to cultural change.

Co-Elevate Coaching + Consulting is a leadership coaching and consulting company dedicated to calling out greatness in others in order to create partnerships and communities that sing with hearts afire. In addition to coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, Co-Elevate offers customized team-building and leadership development programs to organizations to support new managers, whole departments, and executive teams align on values and vision in order to elevate their impact for the greater good of all.

"Working with Katie was like being nourished by a freshly squeezed orange carrot juice—enriching and energizing. Katie brings a sense acute insight into her coaching which helped me awake to what really motivates me and drives me."