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Meet Rachel

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

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Meet Katie Post

Co-Elevate Founder

Intuitive, curious, committed, growing

Enneagram Seven

Nature lover

Leaves Shadow

Dear one!

Long before I was supporting savvy, courageous, go-getters like yourself to create a life they love, I was a teacher and a business leader. Long before that, I was a daughter of a single mom, a troublemaker, an MVP, somebody's hero, another's villain, but always alive and engaged with what life had to offer me, a curious girl with a poem in her heart.

From all my mistakes and all the times I picked myself off the ground to go full-steam at life again, I noticed I was getting stronger for my efforts. I was learning, adapting. Surviving became thriving. No longer did I believe the story my fear had to tell me. I decided to believe a new narrative, one of possibility and wonder. I dared myself to believe in surprises, and held out for the best.

Today, I am honored to walk beside my clients on a journey of self-discovery, to know who they are at their best when they leverage their strengths of character, align to their values and vision, and connect to their joy. Our sense of wholeness and joy stems from our ability to know and love ourselves, just as we are.

I live for joy. I call her to join me in my work, when I get to connect deeply with clients, or when I am facilitating and guiding groups. We develop new faculties in leading from the inside out, and laugh into our sense of comfort and presence together.


Ours is a journey that begins within.

When I'm not collaborating and creating, I am writing my first book, a memoir about becoming unapologetically me, independent and free. In my off time, I love to trail run, snowboard on our local mountain in Bend, bike and hike with the dogs, snuggle my kids that are getting so big, and plan our next big trip.

Life is a blessing full of delights and surprises, flow and ease—if you design it to be. 


With love & light,

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To know yourself is to love yourself. It is through deep self-connection that you can intentionally shape your life to be a fulfilling expression of who you are and what you most love.

Image by Andreas Haslinger


Your growth journey is unique to you, guided by a high vision for your life that inspires you forth. Our relationship is a partnership, a collaboration that feels like joyful exploration as we strive to satisfy the longing in your heart, and tackle your next great achievement together.

Image by Alex Devera


Curiosity drives every step of our collaborative work together. It equips you to step into a perspective of growth and understanding, shedding light on who you are becoming and what is possible when you embrace the fullness of your being with compassion and courage.

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