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Personal Coaching

The Co-Elevate Approach

No single approach works for everyone, so we start by designing the best way for us to work together. I offer programs that begin with a six-month length of time commitment, which provides for the time it takes to integrate growth in a meaningful way. Services (including length of engagement and frequency of sessions) are tailored to meet your needs.

Authentic Leadership

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Leadership coaching is designed to empower you to claim your authentic leadership style with confidence and tenacity. Authentic leadership starts with insight and self awareness.  We'll begin by exploring values, strengths, skills, abilities, passions and interests.  We'll create a leadership vision that inspires and motivates.  Then we'll design a personalized leadership plan that captures short and long term goals, identifies leadership opportunities, sets forth specific action steps and includes strategies for overcoming obstacles and maintaining momentum.

Career Development

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 The goal is to support you in making informed decisions concerning career development and your personal trajectory, and to provide you with tools and concrete steps to achieve your career objectives. It is grounded in personal insight, clarity, strategy and action. We will look at factors that keep you stuck and explore strategies for breaking through unproductive patterns so that you move forward passionately and purposefully. This coaching also focuses on skill building in such areas as networking, leadership, communication, mentorship, delegation, strategic partnerships, interpersonal relationships, and balancing priorities and time.

Powerful Transitions

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Transitions can be exciting.  They can also be stressful and leave you feeling rudderless.  Whether it's increased job responsibility, career advancement, or job transition or loss, this coaching focuses on navigating these periods with clarity, ease and direction, cultivating resilience and creating sustainable strategies for success.

Life Design

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Life Design coaching is for successful professionals who want something more. Maybe it's more joy, more freedom, more fun. Maybe it's making a difference in a way that deeply fulfills you. Maybe you don't know, and that's fine too. This coaching provides a supportive, structured setting for inquiry, introspection, and exploration. What lights you up?  What's the contribution you want to make in your life now and going forward? What possibilities have you yet to identify? The answers to these questions serve as a foundation for redesigning your life on your terms.

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The Coaching Journey

Step One


Coaching is an investment of time, energy, and money.

In our first call, you get answers to your questions and determine whether we have the right fit. We'll discuss your goals and objectives, how coaching might help, and logistics and fees.

We begin our coaching work together with two one hour Discovery Sessions that are foundational for the coaching to follow. In these early sessions, we dive into what makes you YOU, from values and beliefs to strengths and passions, including where you get stuck.

Step Two


Step Three


By exploring where you are now in your life, and naming what you want to be different in the future, we clarify goals to set and skills to develop that will get you where you want to be. As your coach, I walk beside you, helping you expand your field of awareness as you cross edges of growth.

Transformation is lasting change. I offer coaching programs that are a minimum length of six months to ensure you have time to live into the change you are creating for yourself, integrating the learning and growth.

Step Four


Step Five


When you are complete with your coaching journey, either after twelve sessions or several years, we will celebrate your commitment and accomplishment by reflecting on your whole journey in all the ways you have stepped into your life anew to appreciate where you stand today.

You Are In The Right Place

Are You Ready...

  • to make YOU a priority

  • to connect with depth and clarity to your values and purpose in your career and life.

Do You Want...

  • to shake off the heaviness of the past and invite in more lightness in the form of play, adventure, delights and surprises.

  • to release what is no longer serving you in order to call in the abundance that is yours to claim—time for yourself, peace, focus, creativity, connection, joy!

Are You Committed...

  • to transform your life by opening up to the fullness of who you are and who you are becoming, sharing it with confidence.

  • to co-create relationships supported by clear agreements and mutual respect 

  • to create a vibrant life on your terms, and live true to those terms, unapologetically and without compromise.

Signature Coaching Programs


Personal Development Coaching Program

This in-depth personal coaching  program will guide you in the positive pursuit of your optimal vision for your life. With this package, you will be a Whole Body Yes! for work that highlights your deepest motivators for change. Within coaching sessions and between, you will dive deep to discover more of who you are at your best and what you most yearn to create in your life when you give yourself permission to dream big. 


Create a new path forward that feel true to you and offers a sense of freedom and fulfillment as you elevate your impact and amplify your voice to create impact aligned with your values.

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Executive Leadership Coaching Program

This program supports rising and established leaders develop their inner power to create impact. By focusing on the individual's inner experience, before exploring external impact, this program is designed to deepen self awareness, in order to develop a development map for leaders to step into the fullness of their authentic leadership. Utilizing the Leadership Circle Profile, this package offers leaders a rare opportunity of holistic self-discovery by understanding impact from those you lead. 


Whether you are beginning a new position, undergoing a transition, or seeking to elevate your impact, this package offers you the space and support to design your ideal roadmap for the future.

Seasonal Coaching Offering

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Nourish Yourself With the Enneagram

Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Designed to create alignment between your inner and outer worlds with support and coaching

Step onto a journey of self-discovery that allows you to expand your self- awareness, creating positive, lasting change. In three coaching sessions, you will deepen your understanding of who you are, what drives your behavior, and how best to support yourself to recover to your best in this season of attainment.

This is for anyone who:

  • wants a premium assessment to determine your core enneagram type

  • wants to deepen your self-awareness by learning about what motivates your behavior

  • wants to interrupt bad habits and build new ways to be that support your best self and overall health

  • is feeling uninspired, depleted, and in a rut

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