The magic of discovering what you really want

Each of us carries around the knowledge of what we truly want and value. But we often lose sight of these core beliefs and wishes as our busy lives take center stage. The aim of coaching is to reconnect you with this knowledge, weave it into your daily life, and use it to chart your path toward a happier, more exciting future.

How coaching sparks change

While each coaching relationship is unique, every one is centered around the goal of sparking positive change. Using Co-Active coaching principals as a starting point, I focus on delivering compassionate, structured support along with a space of empowerment and accountability. These elements are the foundation of your coaching journey.


At the start of our relationship, we’ll identify areas of your life you’d like to transform. This will be the benchmark for our work together. During bi-monthly sessions, I’ll help you explore personal or professional issues you’re facing and offer ongoing tools and actions to transform your daily life.


Ready to get started?

Need consulting help instead of personal coaching?
I also offer advice, strategies and inspiration to business teams. Visit my
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Clients who inspire me

Here are just a few types of clients I have had the pleasure of working with:

Creative-minded people
Artists, musicians, chefs, educators, writers, and dreamers


Inspiring dreamers with big ideas

Parents and grandparents
Soon-to-be, new, or seasoned

Corporate and organizational leaders
Contributors or CEOs who want to lead with integrity

People in transition
Folks of any age who are facing a major life change

Coaching Packages

I work with clients one-on-one for a minimum of 6 months, with support covering 12 to 24 sessions. If you don’t see the perfect package below, get in touch and let’s discuss your needs.

6-month package ($3,000)

  • Complimentary Sample Session (45 minutes)

  • Discovery session (1 x 90 minutes)

  • 11 coaching sessions (2 x month, 45 minutes each)

  • Email and text support between sessions (up to 2x per session)

12-month package ($12,000)

  • Complimentary Sample Session (45 minutes)

  • Discovery session (1 x 90 minutes)

  • Begins with a two-night retreat to attune to self via nature and bring into clarity your vision in Bend, Oregon. All costs included except airfare.

  • 23 coaching sessions (2 x month, 45 minutes each)

  • Email and text support between sessions (up to 2x per session)

90-Minute Laser Coaching ($350)

  • Designed to get you extremely clear on where you are and what you want in order to move from stuck energy to action, feeling energized.

“Trust is key in any relationship, but it was specifically critical to me in our coaching relationship because I needed to feel comfortable enough to share my life experiences, challenges and dreams in their rawest form, without feeling judged. Katie is so authentic and open-minded. It was easy for us to establish a relationship of trust and authenticity at our very first session, where she clearly defined her role as the coach, and demonstrated a genuine interest in my own expectations of our relationship.”