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After asking yourself what is next, invest time to explore what is possible.

Helping ambitious women leverage their gifts to create a fulfilling life of wholeness.

I help multi-passionate, career-minded women create more fulfilling lives and careers. Book a free conversation to discover how coaching can support you.

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Your story is yours to shape. Trust yourself to know how to move forward with purpose and confidence to create impact from your vision and voice expressed in the world.


Your life is your greatest story that you write as you chose to live. Align to what you value most. 


Know what it is to accept the fullness of who you are in order to claim the technicolor spectrum of your inner power sourced from your wide and deeply lived direct experience.

This is the wholeness of  YOU!

Curious what is possible in reclaiming your story?


Our Work Together

Reclaim Your Story

Personal Coaching


Group Programs

Know yourself deeply.

Align to the aliveness within and around you. 

Lead Consciously

Katie is like a Zen Master for startups. She possesses a profound level of agility, grace, and reliability in her knack for cutting through the stories we tell ourselves in our quests as

business leaders. She helped make visible all the ways I was making things harder on myself,

and gave me the freedom to slow down, enjoy the ride, and build a solid foundation.

David W.


My work as a coach is to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and evolution that allows you to leverage your strengths, release the blocks, pivot toward possibility, and live aligned to your best self, connected to joy.

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