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To You, Be True

"To You, Be True" is the first is a series of poems about choice and agency.


The fact is that we all do things we don’t like to do. I get that.

It happens to me everyday.

“It happens to me,” I say without ownership or agency.

I hear a belief buried there, “I do not decide what happens to me.”

Is that what I think? Yes and no.

I know I am at choice, and yet—

I can’t help myself. What does help look like

for someone who is so out of control trying

to control things?

I can’t find time. I haven’t done that one critical thing again.

Another day passes where I resist what is staring at me, waiting.

I straighten my blouse and bobby-pin my hair back off my face,

I am showing up for this. What is this?

Let me read up on this that I am an “expert” on,

let me remind myself why this matters so much to me.

What does authenticity look and sound like? Am I nailing it?

Is this working?

Focused intent, mustered enthusiasm,

propped up by energy, produces

something. A force of information, not inspiration.

What does Spirit have to say about what this is or means?

Where has my urge to dance dashed off to?

I am looking elsewhere beyond my body for

something I have overlooked.

Ah yes! The timing! Look for the openings. Answer the call to be present

at the right time. Create the right time more often.

Stand in stillness, toes in the deep sand on the shore of your active life,

watching the tide roll in and out.

Listen for the wisdom in the stillness.

What are you wanting?


And more.

Tell me about the less, and tell me about the more.

How are they the same?


What is the one critical thing you are wanting time for?

What would it take to create the time and conditions for it to

come into being?

If it did, what would that change for you?


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